Design Build

In a Design-Build process our clients benefit from the professional partnership of BH Contracting Services and design services from one of our architects. We work with our client and the architect as a team to ensure the most efficient and cost effective project.

We start with conceptual sketches and leave you with a finished home.

Quality restorations start with quality pre-construction planning. Our design team blends technology with traditional hand-drawings to discover the best way to update a home or create an addition.

We model the project in our architectural software, then draft a series of pencil sketch possibilities. Our goal is to make the house beautiful and personal, useful and unique. After establishing the space plan and flow, we work with clients to choose personalized finishes. The result is a full set of detailed plans that will successfully begin the project and carry it to the completion.

BH Contracting Services has been our “go to” company for home contracting needs for more than a decade.

Susan M.
Seattle, WA

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